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   With the assistance of Herminio Nieves and his splendid artwork, other artists are interested in animation.
   I gave credit to Herminio and here is one of the replies:

   "Very cool!  Thanks for that...  I was in Honduras last week so I didn't really look at all of this closely until
   today.  But, ask a question and it's nice to get such a complete answer!


   More Models by Herminio Nieves.

   Quoting Dylan <>:

   > Very nice - Is the 3D portion After Effects, or I'm thinking that
   > maybe you had that done transparently and laid it over-top the moving
   > planets?
   >> Dylan:
   >> Another very short After Effects creation of mine.
   >> I understand now why animators get so much for their work.
   >> This was difficult to create and is less than a minute long.
   >> It took me a month to finish (although it could still use some tweaking.

The clouds - after applying the "sphere" tool - can be rotated as a top page transparent image with see-through sky. Several layers can be applied simultaneously and rotated slowly which gives the earth a realistic cloud effect. In the video displayed at sponsored by you will notice a modified earth with multi-applied plugins to achieve the desired realistic earth from an outer-space perspective. Notice the rotating clouds. Nice effect!
The planets and clouds are what is called "bumps".
They are flat picture portions of the earth and moon and clouds and placed inside after effects as flat pictures.
Then apply the "sphere" application from cc Trapcode.
Another 3D spaceship
The ship in grey format before any modifications are made to color etc.
More ships available by Herminio Nieves
A sample after the color and logo are added to the necessary pieces in the flat photoshop template. When finalized, the opened version automatically shapes all the individual pieces into the 3D image as illustrated. It is an amazing piece of software.
Credits to Herminio Nieves
The actual ship is already in 3D mode (However it will not load in After Effects)
It first has to be processed in Photoshop - then converted into a format that after effects recognizes.
All the color is created (painted) in Photoshop over the bland "grey" color of the original ship.
This task is gratifying as realistic characteristics emerge while applying texture to each surface.
It is all done on a flat sheet with all the ship parts separated into little pieces.
(see: all the illustrations and Photoshop pictures)
Credits to Herminio Nieves
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