Many video production companies hire a massive crew with cinematographers, lighting crew, post production experts including animators, audio and video editors. Yet when consolidating most of these services into one unit, it is possible to cut your costs in half or even less than half.

Bobsfilms has solved your cost difficulties. We were the middle man. Now we are both the producer and director as well as caring for post production activities. We know what video production really costs. Generally speaking, most clients are over-charged for good quality video and documentary productions. Bobsfilms was created as an independant video production service without the need for costly middle men or production services for hire. There is no need for putting on a showy display of a 'big production' illusion just to impress the client. Today a skilled production talent can produce excellent high definition quality video productions with fantastic movie grade appearance using cameras the size of a camcorder. However, equipment is of very little value without the talent needed to accomplish the desired goal - a good video. The proof of quality is in the finished product.

Of course, bobsfilms has all the necessary video production services without any middle-man. Bobsfilms uses proper lighting, high definition cameras, audio expertise, tripod variations, jib crane perspectives, and post production refining, all at low cost production for the budget-minded client. Your project deserves creative interviews which requires capturing the award-winning shot with the proper lens perspectives of a skilled eye. bobsfilms can pull it off.
Q: How is it possible to produce a low
     cost quality video in high definition?
A: Eliminate the need for a middle man!
Put your company in the spotlight
Create a captivating story
Let our cameras capture the magic of your irresistible appeal
Let your audience do the acting as they savor your appeal
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Low Cost, High Impact Corporate Video
A smaller business with a limited budget can make an effective impact on the web. With a taylor-made video you can tell a compelling story that will make a lasting impression. Cut your costs considerably by choosing bobsfilms - we will send out just one or two people skilled in all areas (filming, lighting, audio, interviewing)
Engage Your Audience with a Motivating Corporate Video
People (AKA Customers) are hardwired for video! It's a fact that we would much rather watch a video than read. Corporate communication is essential, now more than ever with the rise of social media.  With a Corporate Video, your marketing message can reach a broad audience in a dynamic and entertaining way.
High Cost is NOT necessarily proof of Quality Video
The proof is in the pudding. Save yourself dollars as you still enjoy quality video production for your project at a reasonable price
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